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The Hudson Book

November 4, 2011

We are very excited to announce the publication of this fantastic new book on Hudson. Over the last few months Manfred Moser and Tim O’Brien have worked long and hard to produce a comprehensive guide to using Hudson from initial download to production deployment.

It is packed with 10 chapters of information covering the very latest features in Hudson at the Eclipse Foundation including the Maven 3 integration and even the new Cascading Projects that is so new it’s only a Beta release!

For anyone looking to start with Hudson or those looking to improve their knowledge this book is the place to go.

Manfred says, “Going forward we hope to expand the book’s depth and make it the authoritative and up to date documentation for Hudson users covering the core of Hudson features and moving to documenting more and more use cases, further plugins and advanced usage like plugin creation or scripting console usage.”

The link provided here takes you to the rough format of the book on the Hudson project at Eclipse. Right now, it’s a bit ‘rough and ready’ but we will get a wrapper as soon as possible that provides the single and multi-page html and the pdf. But we wanted to get this information out to you – so enjoy!



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