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How Hudson is helping the development of JSF

November 16, 2011

This week I am at the German Oracle User Conference. It’s great to be out and talking and listening to Hudson users about their experiences with Hudson and how it is being used. I’m going to get some of these customer experiences both from here and the recent EclipseCon (Europe) conference onto this blog in coming weeks.

As I sit working in one of the conference lounges I am joined by Ed Burns, the JavaServer™ Faces Technology lead for the Java Community Process.

After just a few minutes he smiles and says, “We could not be supporting the complex stack that we do without the agility that Hudson gives us” as he clicks the Build Now button, picks up his stuff and moves on to his next appointment after quickly fixing a just found bug in the JSF implementation used by the Oracle JDeveloper team.

JSF are using Hudson with a complex mix of tests to build, test and deploy to a public Maven repository. Now he can update the bug with the build details and the JDeveloper team can grab that patch as soon as they hit the decks later today in the USA.

You can see the JSF2.1  Hudson view here and some more detail about how the JSF team are using Hudson from Ed’s blog 

Susan Duncan


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