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Using Hudson on SOA Projects

November 17, 2011

I attended two sessions on using Hudson in SOA development projects at the DOAG conference this week. Both were given in German, not my strong suite, but it’s amazing how being present and hearing the enthusiasm in a conference session transcends language barriers – Kontinuierliche Integration – is important in every development language!

The first was a joint presentation from OPITZ Consulting and Continental Automotive. They worked together on  developing a custom testing framework for integration testing of SCA composites as part of Continental’s central IT.  Jurgen Broda, from Continental, spoke in glowing terms of the ease of use and the benefits that his team has encountered from the automation of its testing and integration with MKS through Hudson. In fact, this presentation inspired Lonneke Dikmans, a Managing Partner with Vennster, to blog that she is returning to her current project to install Hudson and implement CI as soon as possible.

The second session was given by Trivadis. Interestingly, the slides for this session were in English but the presenters spoke in German to the predominantly german-speaking audience. They delved deeper into how they use Hudson, Maven, Nexus, SVN, Sonar, MySQL and JIRA together as their CI infrastructure for OSB/SOA client projects.  From this they have a reference project which they quoted as the ‘project team couldn’t live without it anymore‘.

I hope that the DOAG slides will be available soon if you are interested in looking further into these or other sessions.

Susan Duncan




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