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New Hudson Mobile App now available on iTunes

October 23, 2012

We’re pleased to announce the availability of the new Hudson Mobile Monitor application in iTunes.

Hudson in the Appstore

And, here are a couple of screenshots from within the app:

Hudson CI Mobile Monitor   

This first version is a simple application which allows you to monitor, at a glance,  the state of your various servers and jobs from your iPhone/iPod.

Right now the application is limited to read-only browsing of the servers and will work with unsecured servers only, however, over time I’ll be adding the extra functionality required to take it to the next level.  Under the covers this is using the Hudson REST API to do the talking with the server, so to use this on your server you’ll need the REST plugin installed and enabled.  The REST API has some limitations at the moment such as an inability to filter on views, but once we have that then this feature can be added to the app as well.

From a coding point of view, the app is written in Java and HTML5  using Oracle’s Oracle Application Development Framework Mobile extensions – ADF Mobile. The cool thing there is that the app will run unchanged, with the possible exception of some artwork sizing changes on Android as well. It’s on the to-do list…

Also on the to-do list (in the interest of full disclosure)

  • Tablets – yes it will work on the iPad but it does not take full advantage of the extra space, likewise I need to get hold of an Android tablet to play with and test
  • Better support for reconnect in case of network failure. Right now you may have to kill and restart the app if it gets stuck
  • Cache support – everything is queried in real-time right now and certainly improvements can be made in the area of caching and lazy loading of the job list

Anyway I’m pretty pleased with this as the first cut, have a play and let me know what you think


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