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New UI Features for 3.0.1

February 28, 2013

Although 3.0.1 will only be a patch-set with bug fixes rather than any major changes we are proposing to inject a few small and non-disruptive UI changes into the release. These are in response to requests from a couple of different users and were simple and quick to do.

Here’s a screenshot of a build incorporating the changes:


You should be able to spot three distinct changes here but I’ll enumerate them for you:

  1. Most obvious is the new Powered By banner at the foot of the page. Just some improved branding for the project really.
  2. Next there is what I’ve termed the Privacy Message. In this case you can see it in the page footer containing the text “Confidential, Internal Use Only”.  Many large organizations using Hudson have asked for this. On internal commercial systems there are often requirements to badge screens with privacy or confidentiality statements (or even copyright). This is a new configuration option is accessible through the Manage Hudson > Configure System screen and basically provides you with a place similar to the System Message, where you can place whatever text you like, including markup.  So you don’t have to talk about “evil” things in the Privacy Message, you can put and create links to whatever you like and it will be printed at the base of each page. I’ve seen several systems where the System Message is being used for information links and similar which would be better consigned to the bottom of the page, now you can do that.
  3. Finally the new Instance Tag feature. Again, just set through the Configure System screen, the instance tag is an arbitrary name or tag that you can associate with an install. It’s function is to help overworked sysadmins who have many Hudson instances to manage and want to know at a glance which system they are currently working with without having to look at and mentally decode the URL.  To help them, the Instance Tag is printed in the Page Header, Footer and on the browser tab/window label. In my example here the Tag is set to “DEV_CI_I”.  As I said though, the actual string is is arbitrary and optional. Unlike the Privacy Message, markup is ignored in this value.

Both Instance Tag and Privacy Message are optional and if you don’t define them then your UI will remain as it is today in Hudson 3.0.0 except for the new banner.

Note that the Instance Tag and the Privacy Message have not been exposed through the REST API yet. It probably makes sense to do so at some point if there is interest.

Any feedback on this new feature? Just post on the forum or mail the Dev list quoting this article.

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